In order to enrol the form must be filled and sent by post or e-mail to the head office in Pisa, with proof of the advance payment.
For the enrolment of students under the age of eighteen written authorization from the parents is required.
Advance payment is a payment of part of the total amount of the course to confirm enrolment. The advance payment is 30% of the total amount.
On receipt of the advance payment the secretary in Pisa will confirm the enrolment and at the same time send the accommodation details.
Students needing a Visa are required to follow a different procedure (Visa for purposes of study).


Together with the application form, students have to send proof of the advance payment; the balance has to be done before arrival or, at the latest, on the first day of the course
Bank transfer and Credit card payments as well as International Post Money Order and cash are accepted.
Our bank details are:

Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo sas
Banca CR Firenze – Corso Italia, 2
IBAN: IT78S0616014000071839240189
BIC: CRFIIT3F – Branch code: 01706
Any bank charges must be paid directly to the school.

The lessons

Each lesson cosists in 55 minutes in Pisa; 45 minutes in Viareggio.

Lessons take place from Monday to Friday and do not take place on public holidays (see our web site calendar). Lessons missed for holidays will be compensated by small trips or other free activities. Private lessons will be made up.
The absolute beginners in Italian must begin thier course on the dates indicated on the course calendar.
If the number of enrollments makes it necessary, the lessons will be held in the afternoon.
In the rare case that, after the entry test, there is only one student in a group, the 4 group lessons will be converted into 2 hours individual lessons.

If in a group there are only 2 or 3 students the 4 group lessons will be reduced by 1 lesson (3 lessons instead of 4) in consideration of the fact that lessons in such small groups are more intensive.
The school reserves the right to turn GB classes into MI classes with three individual lessons per week in case that the number of group students is less than three.


If a cancellation is communicated prior to 21 days before the starting course date, the advance payment will be refunded minus bank or postal charges and the enrollment fee. If it is communicated less than 21 days before, the advance payment will be withheld.
Once the course has begun, no refund is made, either for irregular attendance of lessons, or for abandonment of the course. If the course is abandoned for reasons beyond the control of the student, a voucher will be provided to be used within 12 months.
A Voucher can be transferred to another person.
No reductions or refunds apply in case of late arrivals, early departures or missed lessons.
In case of cancellation due to Visa refusal, please ask for our special conditions of cancellation.

Visa for study purposes

If you need a Visa to study in Italy we recommend you contact the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate to enquire about eligibility and requirements and check
For the enrollment, as soon as we receive the booking and the evidence of payment of the total tuition fee, we will send an enrolment certificate, the invoice and all specific documentation nessesary for a Visa.
If the student does not obtain the visa, he/she must inform the school in writing, enclosing a document that testifies the refusal or all the original documents received from the school. In this case the school will refund the entire sum paid for the course, after deduction of postal or bank charges, minus the enrollment fee.
After the issue of the documentation, it is no longer possible to obtain a cancellation or change dates without returning the original enrollment certificate.
Once the visa has been obtained in the event of non-attendance of the course a refund will not be given.

In the case of serious, demonstrated reasons of a student unable to attend the course it is possible to have a voucher.
Expenses for sending the documents by courier or express post must be covered by the student.


The school books accommodation on behalf of the students but it is not responsible for the relations between student and owner.
If the student decides to change accommodation, he/she must inform the school at least 2 weeks in advance. These two weeks must in any case be paid.
The costs of any damage caused to the accommodation must be reimbursed directly to the owner.
In the accommodation booked by the school, students must behave in such a way as not to disturb neighbors or any co-tenants.
The booking of the accommodation is strictly for students and the presence of guests must be negotiated directly with the school.


Students are covered by insurance only inside the school. We therefore advise students to take out insurance before leaving their country of origin.

Photo and video

The school reserves the right to use photos or video recordings taken during the course or the free time activities for promotional purposes only. If the student does not agree with the publication of this material, he/she must let the school know in writing within a month from the photo or video being taken.

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