Italian Course on Holiday “GV”

Italian Course on Holiday in Viareggio.

Viareggio is a beautiful town on the Tuscan coast. Known around the world for its beautiful “Art Nouveau” buildings, for its golden beaches and the wonderful promenade where to shop.
When the sun goes down you can enjoy a cocktail on the beach while watching the sunset or enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the Versilia.


Our Italian Course on Holiday

During the morning the Italian course on holiday is oriented towards developing conversational skills.

Our teachers propose you:
● Games
● Playing roles
● Readings
● Discussions
● Listening to dialogues and songs
● Watching films


…Italian grammar lessons for your perfect Italian!

Obviously Italian grammar is at the basis of a correct use of the language.

You will attend:

  • Brief moments of teacher-student lessons
  • Linguistic analysis courses
  • Exercises moments to reinforce what has been learnt in class.

Enjoy our Italian culture!

Depending of the language level of every student, ILM offers:

  • Italian culture and civilization lessons
  • Italian conversation and comparison moment referred to the above issues
  • a great variety of Italian topics from typical national food to more complex themes such as the current affairs in Italy.

The Italian Course on Holiday is held in Viareggio and consists of 20 lessons a week, 4 lessons a day, each of 45 minutes, from 08.45 to 12.00

In Viareggio the Italian Language School ILM has an agreement with the beach Bertuccelli. So after Italian class you can enjoy the dolce far niente” near the sea 😉


Italian Course on Holiday by the sea


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