Intensive Italian Course “GB”

Intensify your Italian with ILM!

The General course curriculum is here widen becoming the so-called “GB” Intensive Italian Course.
The differences are the following:

  1. A larger number of hours
  2. Two more hours of group conversation in the afternoon are added to the morning group lessons.

…Discover your morning Italian lesson!
The first part of your morning lesson will be characterized by the following activities:
study and analysis of the grammatical and structural aspects of the Italian language,
you will do exercises both in class and at home to practice and strengthen what you are learning.
The second part of the same lesson will be made up of tasks aimed at developing your communicative competence and writing skills through the following activities:

  • playing games
  • playing role
  • readings
  • discussions
  • listening to dialogues and songs
  • watching films
  •  short compositions and dictations

Our well-trained mother tongue teachers are specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners.

Their commitment is to develop your knowledge of the Italian language and facilitate you in dealing with Italian culture and lifestyle.
The Intensive Italian Course course is held in Pisa and Viareggio, and consists of 30 group lessons a week, 6 lessons a day; 4 in the morning and 2 in the early afternoon.

Learn Italian in Italy quickly with our intensive Italian course.

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