Long Term Italian Course “LT”

If you decide to stay a bit more in Italy, enjoy our offers on the Long Term Italian course.

This Long Term Italian course is suitable for University students wishing to spend a Spring Break, Winter Break, Summer, Winter, Semester or Academic Year studying Italian Language and Culture in Pisa.
This Long Term Italian course is designed for people aiming to achive a high level of Italian language but it is open to students of all levels, from beginners to almost fluent.

This is an opportunity for the students to improve their Italian within the Italian lifestyle.
You can choose from a wide variety of classes: Italian Language, culture, history of art, cooking, fashion, internship.

Various trips and activities are included in the price of this affordable program.
All the books and materials are included in the price, as well as numerous activities and short trips.
There are no hidden fees.

Long Term Italian course is ideal for those who want to learn Italian during a longer period in Italy (Pisa – Tuscany).

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