Mini intensive Italian Course “MI”

This mini intensive Italian Course is designed for those who wish to complete a specific course of study in a short time, but prefer only one hour of lessons in the afternoon.

The Four group lessons in the morning are followed therefore by an individual lesson in the afternoon.

During the morning the Italian lesson involves the learning of grammar as well as the communicative use of the language.

During the the Mini intensive Italian Course the Italian lesson phase, including study of grammar and structures, is followed by consolidation exercises that are carried out both in class and at home; The parts of the lesson dedicated to the development of communicative competences and writing skills are taught through games, role play, readings, discussions, listening to dialogues, songs, watching films, short compositions and dictations. With these techniques our mother tongue teachers, qualified in the teaching of Italian to foreigners, guide the students towards an improvement in their global knowledge of the language.

In Mini intensive Italian Course elements of Italian culture and civilization are always subjects of conversation and comparison during the lessons in class and above all in the second part. According to the level of knowledge the students have of the Italian language, the subjects discussed will range from simple (e.g. the sequence of dishes of a typical Italian meal) to more complex (e.g. current affairs in Italy). In this phase of the lesson, in groups with the necessary competences, the reading of newspapers and extracts from literature is included.

During the afternoon lesson, after a test to evaluate precisely the student’s initial knowledge of the Italian language and as well as his/her needs, one of our mother tongue teachers, qualified in the teaching of Italian to foreigners, will guide the student in the development of the linguistic and cultural competences that the student considers it necessary to possess.

According to his/her level of knowledge of the language and also his/her specific needs, the teacher will provide activities suited to the aims decided. This phase of the course is extremely personalized and the student will essentially be able to agree with the teacher on the course of study to be followed.

As in the Italian super intensive courses, these are group lessons combined with individual lessons, during which it is possible to decide with the teacher what subjects should be treated that are of interest to the student for his/her profession or studies, e.g. preparation for the PLIDA or Italian university exam.
The mini intensive Italian Course is held in Pisa and Viareggio 25 lessons a week (20 group lessons + 5 individual lessons a week) organized into 5 lessons a day.

Timetable: group lessons 09.00-13.00 (Pisa) / 08.45-12.00 (Viareggio) Individual lessons in the early afternoon.

Mini intensive Italian Course “MI” is addressed to those who wish to learn Italian in Italy in a short time.

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