Learn Italian language living among the Italians

Learn Italian in Italy in a simple and fast way.

Try the experience of living amongst Italians learning the real Tuscan culture and thanks to our Italian language courses you will be able to speak in Italian quickly.
As locations of our Italian Language School in Italy, we have chosen the two cosy Tuscan towns which are safe and as we say here ‘on a human scale’, meaning that contact with real and friendly people is still possible: Pisa and Viareggio are medium sized Tuscan towns without mass tourism but are full of character.  Students can visit the local weekly vegetable markets, see the street performers and artists along the main shopping streets and watch the local characters go by while sipping on a cappucino at their regular cafe.


Learn Italian in Pisa Piazza Vettovaglie


Here it is possible to experience true Italian customs, the traditions and ways of life that are typical of Italian culture. So, it is easy to practice, in real life situations, your Italian skills and the linguistic structures and forms that you will learn in class.


learn italian in italy leisure time

The school organizes “Happy Hour” (an aperitivo) and various outdoor activities, such as football matches and bike tours, with the participation of our teachers of course.

All of our students are invited!



If you want to have a more detailed knowledge of our Italian language courses or how to learn Italian in Italy you can visit our Italian courses page… READ MORE ABOUT OUR ITALIAN COURSES




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