Preparation course for the admission exam to the Italian Universities “P/U”

This course is especially recommended for those who wish to do the competitive admission exam for the Italian scientific faculty of the University, especially the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing and for all undergraduate degree courses provided by the Faculty of Medicine.
The Italian University Preparation course consists of Italian language lessons and preparation for the admission test of Biology, Chemistry lessons, Mathematics, Physics and Logic. For the lessons the teaching material is the Alpha Test Kit, which contains the admission tests of previous years.
The Preparation Course respects the program of the Ministry of University and Research Italian, the program that Italian students have completed at the end of high school.
This means that our course aims to prepare foreign students on topics that are familiar to Italian students, participating in the entrance examination with them.
For this reason it is necessary that foreign students have reached a good level of knowledge of the Italian language.

Preparatory courses for admission to Italian Universities

Faculties of: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Orthodontics, Animal breeding, Pharmacy, Biology, Natural Sciences, Nursing and for all of the bachelor degrees in the faculty of Medicine and Surgery.
Italian Lessons
Exam Topic Lessons
9 January – 21 July 2017*
(entry level required: A0**)
6 February – 21 July 2017*
(entry level required: A1**)
6 March –
21 July 2017*
(entry level required: A2**)
3 April –
21 July 2017*
 16 120
(entry level required: B1**)
2 May –
21 July 2017*
Entry level required: B2**
*Dates may change according to the schedule set by the Italian Ministry of University and Research

**Students must demonstrate their level of knowledge of the Italian language with an official certificate (CILS, CELI, PLIDA or CertIT) or with an interview via Skype with one of our examiners

***Plus enrolment fee €80,00

Participants per group/classroom:
Minimum 5 students, maximum 12

Teaching materials:
It is included and consists of the preparation Alpha Test current edition. The Test Kit contains

  1. Manual preparation,
  2. commented exercises,
  3. verification tests,
  4. 11,000 Quiz,
  5. Simulation Software

(Photocopies or book depending on group composition).

Registration and Payment
If you do not need to apply for a student visa there is a 30% down payment on the cost of the course and 30% on the cost of accommodation for the period booked at registration.
If a studet visa is necessary a 50% down payment on the cost of the course and 30% on the cost of accommodation for the period booked at registration.
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