Team Members

Istituto linguistico Mediterraneo has been successfully teaching Italian since 1981.

A high quality teaching is guaranteed in our courses by our experienced teachers.

All our teachers are Italian mother tongue and  trained in  teaching  Italian for  foreigners.

The staff is experienced and professional but also friendly and welcoming.

Our school is small and  cosy with teachers and members of staff who are gladly taking care of the students.

Students always have the opportunity to speak with teachers after lessons.
They can also meet the Secretary and the Director for any kind of request.

Rossana Filippeschi

Rossana Filippeschi Director of School

Grazia Leonelli

Grazia Leonelli Administrator

Eduardo Gonzalez Boria

Eduardo Gonzalez Boria Financial Director

MariaGrazia Mori

MariaGrazia Mori Italian Teacher

Alessio Nesi

Alessio Nesi Italian Teacher

Ileana Baiamonte

Ileana Baiamonte Italian Teacher

Antonio Colucci

Antonio Colucci Italian Teacher

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