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A2 level  

Lesson 1 – “Di dove sei?” (Where are you from?)

Our teacher Alessio talks about football, Japanese monsters and typical products from various parts of the world. With special guests! With subtitles!

WHAT WE LEARN: Grammar : adjectives of nationality


Lesson 2 – La Pasta

Our teachers Alessio and Antonio tell us about the types of pasta.

WHAT WE LEARN: Grammar : Article / Male and Female (the gender of the names). Lexicon: types of pasta


Lesson 3 – “I Colori” (Colors)

Do You know that in Pisa there is not only the Leaning Tower but it is also full of other artistic treasures to be discovered?
In this video lesson our teacher Giada takes us around Pisa to learn about the mural Tuttomondo of Keith Haring and speaks to us of the colors .

WHAT WE LEARN: Lexicon: the names of colors


Lesson 4 – “Di che colore è?” (What color is it?)

Our teacher Giada takes us to a vineyard in the Tuscan countryside to talk about the fruits (lesson made with DIY blue screen video effect chroma key)

WHAT WE LEARN: Comunicative function: to ask for colors; Lexicon: names of fruits.


Lesson 5 – “Io sono Giada” (I am Giada – TO BE)

Today we join our teacher Giada in the kitchen of her house to talk about the verb TO BE with the help of two talented Italian singers: Eros Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini (lesson made with a webcam).
WHAT WE LEARN: Grammar: to BE (presente tense); Personal Pronouns (Subject Pronouns)


Lesson 6 – “Io ho 25 anni” (I’m 25 years old – TO HAVE)

Our teacher Giada HAS many puppets and today she is presenting them to us. With the help of eight famous Italian singers (Eros Ramazzotti, Max Gazzè, Marco Mengoni, Gianluca Grignani, Laura Pausini, Ornella Vanoni and Malika Ayane) she explains to us the verb TO HAVE.
WHAT WE LEARN: Grammar: to HAVE (present tense); lexicon: the names of the parts of the face.


Lesson 7 – “Quanto pesa?” (How much does it weight?)

How heavy is our teacher Alessio? We discover in this new video lesson, where we talk about units of measurement used in Italy for weighing (grams, hectograms and kilograms) and about the first verb group (-ARE)
What we learn: Grammar: the first verb group; comunicative function: asking the weight; lexicon: the unit of weight/mass in the International System of Units (SI) (the Metric system).


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