Best cafes in Pisa

The best cafes in Pisa

What is as important to Italians as their beloved homemade pasta? Yes, a good coffee, or also a few of them throughout the day.

If you like coffee, then you should start looking for the best cafes in Pisa. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this hot drink dating back to the16th century that has become an important part of the Italian culture and every-day-life; drink your coffee like the locals at the bar or enjoy it at the table.

As a university town, there is no lack of cool, hip locations as well as traditional bars and cafes. Let’s start with the Keith Art Shop Café, a homage to the work of the American artist who created the famous Pisan mural Tuttomondo. A few minutes away from the Leaning Tower, this is an ideal place to have a 90s-style coffee in a colourful and modern setting.

Also popular among students and English-speaking tourists is the Filter Coffee Lab on Via Santa Maria, which offers not only coffee but also American breakfast all day long.

If you want a typical, but also stylish and young place, we would like to recommend the Caffè dei Cavalieri, which is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Pisa. The coffee house is also located in the university district and doesn’t look very impressive from the outside, but it has everything that real coffee lovers desire, including a coffee brew bar and various coffee specialties. If you are looking for a good coffee off the beaten track, in a student atmosphere, this is the right place.

We would also like to mention the Galileo Art Café, where you can also find various dishes and delicious cocktails in the evenings.

If you wish for more than just a coffee, you will find it at the Gelateria la Sirenetta, tasting their great ice cream and delicious desserts.

In a word, it’s hard to say what the best cafes in Pisa are as there are so many. We recommend to take a real long vacation and simply try the different offers to find your personal favourite.