Calendar of events in Pisa in autumn and winter

No matter when you come to Pisa, the city always bubbles with joie de vivre and energy, which is also reflected in the numerous events taking place throughout the year: there is a rich calendar of events in Pisa all year round.


After the exciting Giugno Pisano, the countless festivals and events that take place in Pisa every June, there is a short summer break, only to continue again in autumn with several traditional events.


The autumn calendar of events in Pisa starts with the Book Festival, where national and foreign authors, illustrators and translators present their works. The three-day festival takes place in the Palazzo dei Congressi and has now grown to around 160 exhibitors.


Also in autumn, usually in September or October, the International Festival of Sacred Music presents Italian and international choirs in a friendly competition. During the many concerts of this event, important works of sacred music will be performed in the Cathedral of Pisa.


In September the calendar of events in Pisa is all about chestnuts. At the so-called “Sagra della Castagna“, the traditional chestnut festival, everything revolves around chestnuts and the delicacies produced from them. There are markets, specialties with chestnuts, guided visits to the chestnut groves near Pisa, and, and, and.


The year of events ends in Pisa with the magical Christmas markets that create a festive and cozy atmosphere and are spread throughout the city. Since there are usually few tourists in the winter months, you can stroll through the Christmassy streets and buy all kinds of homemade, sweet and traditional things at one of the stalls.

It’s also worth making a stop in Piazza Largo Padri della Costituzione to go ice skating.


Whether you are more interested in culture, tradition, literature or just relaxed entertainment, the calendar of events in Pisa offers plenty of interesting festivals during the second half of the year that you shouldn’t miss!