Carnival Viareggio

The Carnival of Viareggio

The Italian seaside town of Viareggio is not only known for its long sandy beaches, popular lidos, cosy cafés and bars or the chic boutiques. The coast of Versilia is also polular for its exciting nightlife and party spirit, but there is still one more reason why Viareggio has been popular since the 19th century.

Every year, the carnival attracts many tourists to come the city and enjoy the celebrations. The parades have a long tradition and are definitely among the most famous in Italy. The first Carnival of Viareggio took place in 1873 when some citizens decided to spend a quite different Sunday. They assembled a procession of decorated wagons, with which they drove up and down the Via Regia. To protest against an excessive tax burden, they wore masks and made some jokes about the city’s tax authorities. The residential audience was so enthusiastic and amused about this unusual and colourful hustle and bustle that they decided to repeat this event again in the next year. This was the natal hour of the famous Carnival of Viareggio, which ever since fascinates both the inhabitants and the many tourists from all over the world who want to take part in this great spectacle. Of course, since the first and historical Carnival of Viareggio, the festivities and parades have changed and increased: today it is no longer just a few decorated wagons that parade through the streets, but the city is in a wild party mood during the Carnival week, and the colourful and funny hustle and bustle is just thrilling.

If you are planning a holiday in Tuscany in February, you should not miss out on this unique experience!