Sights of Viareggio

The Tuscan coastal town of Viareggio is well-known for sun, beach, nightlife and carnival celebrations. If you are planning a holiday in the popular seaside resort, you should nonetheless take at least a day to explore the sights of Viareggio, because there are quite a few. If you just want to feel the charm of […]

Viareggio and surroundings

Viareggio, on the west coast of Tuscany, is a popular holiday destination for all who love sun, beach and sea. But Viareggio and surroundings offer much more than “just” that! The coastal town is close to the important Tuscan cities of art, which can be reached quickly for an art-historical sightseeing program. Viareggio has a […]

Street art in Pisa

Exploring Street Art in Pisa Street art, colourful paintings in public spaces, has gained increasing importance and interest over the last 20 years; it is not surprising that you can’t only find historic paintings and objects but also quite a lot of modern art in Pisa, which you can best experience during a walk through […]

Best cafes in Pisa

The best cafes in Pisa What is as important to Italians as their beloved homemade pasta? Yes, a good coffee, or also a few of them throughout the day. If you like coffee, then you should start looking for the best cafes in Pisa. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this hot drink dating […]

Typical dishes in Pisa

Typical dishes in Pisa Italian cuisine is known worldwide, especially for pizza and pasta, but also for desserts such as tiramisu or homemade ice cream. And yet the country has much more delicious food to offer with many regional specialties that you shouldn’t miss during your holiday in Italy. Now, if you are on vacation […]

Walk along the Arno

Walk along the Arno to the sea There are many beautiful spots in Pisa and some of them are directly at the river that runs through the city, the Arno. Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to walk along the Arno to the sea? Definitely yes! You can walk the entire route or take a […]

Sightseeing in Pisa

Where to go sightseeing in Pisa?  Pisa is an extremely popular holiday destination and attracts many tourists every year. Almost everyone knows that the city is situated at the Arno River and has a famous Leaning Tower that is on the top of everyone’s must-see list; but apart from that, which places, buildings, monuments and […]

Selfie in Pisa

Where to take a selfie in Pisa Did you know that the leaning tower of Pisa is one of the most popular places for a selfie in Pisa? But not only in Pisa, in whole Italy! Two important and international travel portals (Enjoy Travel and Big 7 Travel) were looking for the best places in […]

Pisa in Spring 2023

Events in Pisa in Spring 2023 Almost everyone knows the big events in Pisa that take place every year in June, but there are also some nice events in April and May worth visiting, for example a guided tour of the San Matteo Museum and the Museum in Palazzo Reale, which are not only an […]

The first vacation without parents

  The first holiday without parents Many parents face the challenge that almost overnight their young and vulnerable children have become young adults who no longer want to be overly protected and who are striving to find their own way wanting to explore the great, wide world on their own. Often young people tell their […]