Valentine’s Day in Italy

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day, the feast of love, with its long tradition. Some couples really celebrate it, others just buy a bouquet of flowers and still others ignore this day completely. How is Valentine’s Day in Italy celebrated and what are the origins of this feast?   The Italian bishop Valentine, who lived in the […]

Die gute Hexe Befana

Für Kinder im deutsch- und englischsprachigen Raum ist Weihnachten das größte Fest in den Wintermonaten. In Italien erwartet die Kleinen aber danach noch ein zweites Ereignis mit Geschenken: am Dreikönigstag, dem 6. Januar, kommt die gute Hexe Befana, die mit einem Sack voller Süßigkeiten, aber auch Kohle für die unartigen Kinder, auf ihrem Besen von […]

Christmas traditions in Italy

Christmas is an extremely important festive day in Italy and, as in almost all countries, there are some special Christmas traditions in Italy. Many of these traditions are regional or family-based, but there are also a few Christmas traditions in Italy, that can be found almost everywhere throughout the country.   Nativity scenes have a […]

Sights of Viareggio

The Tuscan coastal town of Viareggio is well-known for sun, beach, nightlife and carnival celebrations. If you are planning a holiday in the popular seaside resort, you should nonetheless take at least a day to explore the sights of Viareggio, because there are quite a few. If you just want to feel the charm of […]

Viareggio in Tuscany

Viareggio in Tuscany offers more than sun and beach There are many seaside towns in Italy that attract tourists from all over the world, longing for the sun and sea, especially during the hot summer months. The coastal town of Viareggio in Tuscany is a popular destination for sun and water lovers; the small town […]

Carnival Viareggio

The Carnival of Viareggio The Italian seaside town of Viareggio is not only known for its long sandy beaches, popular lidos, cosy cafés and bars or the chic boutiques. The coast of Versilia is also polular for its exciting nightlife and party spirit, but there is still one more reason why Viareggio has been popular […]

Street art in Pisa

Exploring Street Art in Pisa Street art, colourful paintings in public spaces, has gained increasing importance and interest over the last 20 years; it is not surprising that you can’t only find historic paintings and objects but also quite a lot of modern art in Pisa, which you can best experience during a walk through […]

Best cafes in Pisa

The best cafes in Pisa What is as important to Italians as their beloved homemade pasta? Yes, a good coffee, or also a few of them throughout the day. If you like coffee, then you should start looking for the best cafes in Pisa. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this hot drink dating […]

Typical dishes in Pisa

Typical dishes in Pisa Italian cuisine is known worldwide, especially for pizza and pasta, but also for desserts such as tiramisu or homemade ice cream. And yet the country has much more delicious food to offer with many regional specialties that you shouldn’t miss during your holiday in Italy. Now, if you are on vacation […]

Events in Pisa

Top Events in Pisa Are you interested in culture, music, traditions and festivals? Well, then sit back and relax, because we’ll tell you what the top events in Pisa are that you shouldn’t miss. If you go on holiday during summer, then really fantastic cultural highlights wait for you. First of all, the “Giugno Pisano” […]