Warum sollte man Italienisch in Italien lernen?

Viele Schüler, Studenten und Berufstätige entscheiden sich dafür, neue Fremdsprachen zu erlernen und oft fällt die Wahl auf einen Italienischkurs, sei es nun im Selbststudium, an einer heimischen Bildungseinrichtung oder im Zuge einer Sprachreise um Italienisch in Italien zu lernen. Die Gründe für das Erlernen der Sprache sind gewiss vielfältig und im beruflichen wie auch […]

Accommodation for language holidays

Accommodation for language holidays When you book a language trip to learn a new foreign language or to improve existing language skills, there is always the question of where to live during the language stay. If you don’t have relatives or acquaintances in the area and don’t want to take care of reserving the accommodation […]

Street art in Pisa

Exploring Street Art in Pisa Street art, colourful paintings in public spaces, has gained increasing importance and interest over the last 20 years; it is not surprising that you can’t only find historic paintings and objects but also quite a lot of modern art in Pisa, which you can best experience during a walk through […]

Pisa in Spring 2023

Events in Pisa in Spring 2023 Almost everyone knows the big events in Pisa that take place every year in June, but there are also some nice events in April and May worth visiting, for example a guided tour of the San Matteo Museum and the Museum in Palazzo Reale, which are not only an […]

Study in Italy! Our students are the most successful in top ten Italian Universities

Study in Italy! Best students for best Universities The Best! Our students have been the most successful in top ten Italian Universities! A letter to ILM University students Dearest ILM Students!! As you know, you students from the University Preparation Course have been the most successful in  top ten among the rest of the Universities. […]