Unexpected aspects of Pisa

f you take a look at the classic bucket lists or books with places that you absolutely have to see, you can be quite sure to find Pisa with its Leaning Tower. You think you know pretty much everything there is to know about Pisa, that it is a small town on the Arno in […]

Typical dishes in Pisa

Typical dishes in Pisa Italian cuisine is known worldwide, especially for pizza and pasta, but also for desserts such as tiramisu or homemade ice cream. And yet the country has much more delicious food to offer with many regional specialties that you shouldn’t miss during your holiday in Italy. Now, if you are on vacation […]

Pisa in Spring 2023

Events in Pisa in Spring 2023 Almost everyone knows the big events in Pisa that take place every year in June, but there are also some nice events in April and May worth visiting, for example a guided tour of the San Matteo Museum and the Museum in Palazzo Reale, which are not only an […]