Study in Italy! Our students are the most successful in top ten Italian Universities

Study in Italy! Best students for best Universities The Best! Our students have been the most successful in top ten Italian Universities! A letter to ILM University students Dearest ILM Students!! As you know, you students from the University Preparation Course have been the most successful in  top ten among the rest of the Universities. […]

ILM Recommends: Language learning apps

Carry Italian lessons in your pocket The key to learning a language quickly  is to study in the country where the language is spoken. However, when you cannot come to Italy or are preparing to come, an app can help you. These are the three that have used faithfully as I’ve moved from a beginner […]

Gap Year Program in Italy

More and more people are cottoning onto the huge benefits of taking Gap Year. Far from setting you back a year, using this time to travel can provide the most transformative and educational experience of your life. Spending your Gap Year in Italy means opening up one of the world’s most beautiful countries and its […]

Italian language course in Italy: a better way to learn

Foreign languages capture the imagination. They have an intriguing musical quality, they’re a window into another culture, and they’re paths to new people and new opportunities. So when I tell people I’m studying Italian, I’m always met with interest – “I always wanted to learn another language”, they often tell me. So why didn’t they? […]

AP program USA

My experience in Pisa and the Mediterranean Language Institute was very unique, and it opened my eyes to a new world. When my Italian teacher in the US spoke to me of an opportunity to go to study and live alone in Italy for two weeks, I was immediately interested because I had never done […]