Long Term Italian Course “LT”

If you are planning to stay in Italy for a significant period of time, you can make the best of our Long Term Italian course.

This Long Term Italian course is suitable for university students looking to spend a summer, a semester or even a whole academic year studying the Italian language and culture in Pisa.

The Long Term Italian course is designed to bring students up to a high level of Italian, from whatever starting point they have. It is open to students of all levels, from beginners to almost fluent. Students will develop a global understanding of Italian, paying attention to both grammar and communication skills. Students will come to understand and use Italian of different registers, conversing with confidence in the many different situations they will be faced with as they immerse themselves in Italian life.

This is an opportunity for the students live like the locals and experience a new way of life. They will develop a deep understanding of Italian culture and society.

On this Long Term Course, you can choose from a wide selection of classes: Italian Language, culture, history of art, cooking, fashion, and even undertake an internship in a local business.

All of the learning materials, plus a good variety of trips and activities are included in the price of this programme, which we have designed to provide good value for money, without hidden fees.

The Long Term Italian course is ideal for those looking to spend a longer period in Italy.