Mini intensive Italian Course “MI”

This course comprises general lessons in a group in the morning, plus a private lesson of 1 hour every afternoon. This private hour can be personalised, and so the Mini Intensive Italian course suits students with specific areas of interest that they would like to explore on a one-to-one basis with a teacher. With just one hour of afternoon tuition, students who select this course still have much of the day free to explore Pisa, relax, work, study, etc.

The aims of the Mini Intensive course:

The morning lessons seek to provide students with a global understanding of the Italian language. That means building up a solid base of grammar and then using it in increasingly sophisticated written and spoken expression.

The mother-tongue Italian teachers know how to guide you in this process, and with their years of experience you will find yourself progressing quickly alongside your classmates.

The afternoon time is spent teaching you the Italian that you want to learn. This could be related to business, culture, everyday conversation, etc. If you have specific topics that you would like to cover, be it for your work, studies or simply your personal interest and enrichment, your teacher will gladly accommodate them. Essentially, this afternoon hour is your personal syllabus. The individual lesson is therefore also highly valuable time for clarifying any doubts you have with the Italian language.

If you have a specific goal, for example, passing the PLIDA or Italian university exam, your teacher will be able to use the private hour to help you reach it.


The structure of the Mini Intensive course:
This course is held in Pisa and Viareggio and consists of 25 lessons per week (20 group lessons + 5 individual lessons),  5 lessons a day.

Timetable: group lessons 09.00-13.00 (Pisa) / 08.45-12.00 (Viareggio) Individual lessons in the early afternoon.

The Mini Intensive Italian Course “MI” is perfect for students who want to quickly learn Italian in Italy in a short period of time.