Super Intensive Italian Course “SI”

This is the course for the super-student who’s seeking to learn as much as possible in the time that they have in Italy. Combining general Italian group lessons in the morning with 2 hours of individual lessons in the afternoon, our Super Intensive course provides the opportunity to cover a lot of ground. The one-to-one tuition in the afternoon can be personalised to suit the student’s needs or interests, and over the course of 2 hours daily, the topics that the student chooses can be explored in great depth. This might particularly suit professionals wanting to learn vocabulary related to their industry or students preparing for a university exam.

Whilst this is indeed an intensive course, your experienced and patient teachers will make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed or fatigued. They use a wide variety of course materials and lessons can include videos, songs, readings, and discussions. This allows them to find what works best for the students and keep things fresh and engaging.

What will you learn on the Super Intensive course?

You will certainly come away from your super intensive course with a improved understanding of Italian grammar and the structural components that form the language. The morning class in a group is largely geared towards linguistic analysis. At times you will work collaboratively with your classmates and at other times you will complete exercises on your own, to consolidate your learning.

Your teacher will then spend part of the morning on activities that encourage the class’s communication skills. This means putting the grammar and vocabulary you’ve been steadily acquiring to good use through conversation, role playing exercises and written compositions. You will learn about Italian culture and traditions and will discuss everything from food to politics, which always animates class conversation!

As for what you will learn in the afternoon, that is really up to you! The individual lessons can be designed to suit you. Any doubts you have in Italian can be fully addressed in this time, and your teacher can prepare teaching materials that speak to your interests and aims.

Super Intensive Italian Course Details:

The Super Intensive Italian Course is held in Pisa and Viareggio. It consists of 30 lessons per week (20 group lessons + 10 individual lessons), 6 lesson a day.

With our super intensive Italian course you will quickly improve your Italian.