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Clarissa GirãoClarissa Girão
11:49 30 Dec 23
I did a course of about 5 months in the ILM and I am very happy with my path and my results! The entire teaching staff was very helpful and kind! I had an unforgettable experience and my level of Italian certainly improved a lot. Thanks to all of you at ILM, I definitely recommend this school 🥰
Rita KleinRita Klein
12:58 10 Dec 23
I learned a lot during the course with ilm to defend myself on the streets of Pisa. Many thanks to the teachers!
Klaudia ŻukowskaKlaudia Żukowska
04:58 30 Oct 23
Absolutely I do not reccomend. Very very bad school. Boring grammar exercises mostly. No roles plaining, no situational listening, no music, no movies, no board games, no culture context. Teacher disregarding less advanced students. No effort to engage the group. Never again.
Constanze UlrichConstanze Ulrich
05:35 22 Sep 23
Hi, I really enjoyed studying at ILM and living in the institute's apartment (it's big, bright and has everything you need). The ILM organization and teachers are very professional and everyone is nice. I think he's made great progress there.Thanks everyone!
leon szymanskileon szymanski
16:17 10 Sep 23
I recently attended a 1 week course. It was over 5 days with 4 hrs of lessons each day. I really enjoyed the course. The class was made up of around 5 to 6 students each day and had a good mix of ages and backgrounds, all with with similar ability levels. Our teacher Patrizia was kind and patient and made sure to involve all of the class. I feel that my Italian definately improved over the week and I would like to return in the future.
1234 12341234 1234
14:45 03 Sep 23
The preparatory school was wonderful, I am very satisfied with the personal attitude of all the teachers (Italian, chemistry, biology, etc.) for that year!). There is no doubt that the help in the bureaucracy (and Rosanna's in particular) takes the pressure off my head and helps a lot to decompress and focus on what is important. A little about my experience - I did a preparatory course for medical studies in Italy, we studied Italian for the first few months and then the professions.I would recommend if you have time to start learning a little on your own - mainly a vocabulary that will help you communicate with as many Italians as possible in the first months and to start learning from the beginning a little on your own the material in Hebrew/your mother tongue (absorbing new material in a language that is new to you is not easy but also very complicated), when debating on places to study the degree, I would recommend going while studying a language - there won't be that much time afterwards.Good luck to everyone!
Lizet MorLizet Mor
17:38 11 Aug 23
I am very satisfied, I think that the matter of bureaucracy is exhausting and complicated, but the machine really helps and provides an answer. Learning and insisting on the language helped a lot and a significant change in level is noticeableRecommend!
elias soussanelias soussan
07:09 04 Aug 23
I studied in this school and my development has been remarkable!I advise you to study there! It's a wonderful experience, especially since the school is in the center of the city and it's easy to get there.And for students who need to apply for college, the school helps its students with that too.So in the end, I studied at this school and I passed the entrance exam to the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence.Thank you ILM school.
Othman HawwaryOthman Hawwary
10:31 05 Jul 23
A really excellent school, I highly recommend it to all students who want to start their studies in Italy (medicine, architecture...) They have an organized track including language and preparation for the test subjectsAnd they answer everything about registering for the university, and also receive really good treatment from the teachers of the preparatory school and from the principal of the school.
Serena ArtigianiSerena Artigiani
12:10 28 Jun 23
Rodrigo ArancibiaRodrigo Arancibia
08:05 23 Jan 23
Amanda ClarkeAmanda Clarke
20:02 05 Oct 18
I have been taking private Italian lessons at ILM for several years now - 2 hours per week during the summer months when I am in Pisa. The one-on-one lessons are perfect for me - flexible hours and I set my own goals. The teacher designs the curriculum around those goals and I've made real progress!
jean bardenjean barden
17:23 01 Oct 18
I went to Italy to learn the beautiful Italian language. A beginner with enthusiasm, I enrolled in an immersion class for 5 weeks. I really wanted to learn the basic's .... and I learned so much more.The school is small and friendly with a commitment to making each student's experience the best. The composition of the class was perfect...over the 5 weeks it was as intimate as 4 students or as "large as 8. A perfect blend of engagement from eager learners.The teachers are superb. My instructor used a combination of grammar and speaking to get us started and reinforced lessons with practical homework. She also paid attention to how we were progressing and tailored her teaching to suit our particular learning styles.Knowing how much I love cooking, they also invited me to their homes....to cook together....!!!! To express how special that was is difficult. I was touched and excited and honored to have such a personal window into their lives...at home, with family. It will remain a remarkable memory.I was so impressed and thrilled, really with every aspect of the experience. Most importantly, at the end of my course, I had the confidence to speak to people and be understood. That was amazing.I look forward to continuing my studies and returning next summer to reinforce and build on a strong foundation.One warning I will share...when I signed up, I thought I was on the schools website directly. I was in fact going through an agent, but didn't realize that. The agent arranged everything. Once I arrived, I sent the agent feedback specific to an arrangement for cooking classes. Their response shocked me, but I won't go into that .... suffice it to say they were awful. No interest to know how I was doing...they got their commission and onto the next. Take care that you register directly with the school, and not through a middle man. That was my one regret.
Janet BlairJanet Blair
13:34 01 Oct 18
I did a 5 day course of 4 hours each morning and an extra one to one session of 1 hour on 3 afternoons that week. The school is very friendly and the tutors very professional. We were all encouraged to speak Italian as much as possible which was very helpful. The teaching methods were mixed, grammar, conversation, listening exercises etc, so it was never boring. I stayed in a cosy private apartment just 20 minutes walk from the school. Pisa is quite small and easy to find your way around. We had a lovely evening out with the students from other classes and the tutors and a lovely lunch on the last day with my classmates and tutors. I would recommend the school and especially Alessio, my tutor and I would like to go back again next year to continue to improve my Italian.
Tal MotroTal Motro
14:20 19 Sep 18
My wife and I learn in the same class that is shown in the attached photo in the previous ugly feedback.I really can not understand the negative feedback that has been published without a real name and photo.The one who wrote this feedback does not say his/her name because the details are just not true.ILM is a fantastic school to learn Italian.Each new student is taking a test and his level is decieded according to his results.The teacher of this class is just a perfect teacher, professional, patient, easy to.understand, gentile and kindFrom my experience, I can recommand ILM Pisa as a perfect school to learn Italian
Johanna B.Johanna B.
14:26 17 Sep 18
I attended a 2 weeks summer course last July. I really enjoyed the class size (3 students in week 1, about 7 students in week 2) so we had enough opportunities to communicate. Also the teachers and secretary were really nice and motivated. In fact, our teacher is still in a whatsapp - group with us and still encourages us to send messages in italian even though a year has passed and he doesn`t get paid for this "extra service". To me, this shows that he likes both his job and his students :)I would certainly recommend ILM and can´t wait to come back one day.
Sha RoSha Ro
04:34 28 Dec 17
I took courses in Italian language at their Viareggio (beach town, haha) extension. Their instructors were very thorough, and took the coursework seriously.There were a few laughs here and there and, being that it is Italy, some students become very close to the instructors. Some instructors even offered to show us around different cities on their own and own dime. We have even partied with one here or there, haha.Overall I would recommend the Istituto for foreign students from all nations (some of whom also become friends).


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En Viareggio, estación balnearia de la Toscana, se imparten cursos de italiano durante los meses de verano.

Según tus objetivos y necesidades, puedes elegir una amplia variedad de cursos de italiano y cursos de cultura italiana, así como cursos especiales de enriquecimiento cultural. Nuestros cursos de italiano varían en el número de lecciones por semana y en si son en grupo, lecciones individuales o una combinación de ambas (lecciones en grupo y lecciones individuales).

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