Football in Pisa has tradition

Italy and football simply belong together like ice cream and summer, sun and moon or beach and sea! So, it’s no surprise that the excitement for football in Pisa is no exception. Of course, the city is just as enthusiastic about football as the whole of Italy and is emotionally bound to the local Pisa Sporting Club, which was also known as Pisa Calcio and AC Pisa in the past.


The club was founded in 1909, was temporarily insolvent in the 1990s, but was re-established shortly afterwards, because an Italian city without a big football club, that is absolutely unthinkable!

There were some very important years when the club played in the most famous league, the Italian A Series … currently they are in B Series. If you want to experience football in Pisa, you should definitely watch a match, preferably a home game in the Stadio Arena Garibaldi, which has a capacity of almost 15,000 people.


There are some well-known names in the history of the club: for example, the popular Italian national team player Christian Vieri played for Pisa, but also the Austrian Walter Schachner and the Danish Henrik Larsen. A few years ago, the formerly very successful national player Gennaro Gattuso was hired as coach and led the team to new success.


Although the Pisa Sporting Club is not one of the really big names in Italian football, it has always achieved respectable success in the course of its history, most of the years taking part in the Italian B Series, the second highest league in Italy.

Whether you’re passionate about football since you were a child or change TV channels as soon as you see a few people chasing a ball… when you’re on holiday in Italy you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch a soccer match, because the atmosphere is unique, it is an incredible and unforgettable experience, you can feel the passion of the spectators coming together to watch football in Pisa.