Grants for studying the Italian language.

Each year, the Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo issues a limited number of free courses (Grant A) or a discount of 50% on the cost of the course (Grant B) to Italian Institutes of Culture and some Universities in various countries.

Each course lasts four weeks and includes twenty hours of lessons a week.

The criteria for the award of the grants are stated by the Italian Institutes of Culture and by the Universities which they have been awarded to.
General conditions:

1) Each grant, according to the type, includes:

  • free or 50% reduction on cost of a course in the Italian language lasting four weeks, with a total of eighty hours of lessons distributed from Monday to Friday with a timetable 09.00-13.00.
  • Textbooks
  • Free assistence by the school in looking for accommodation, for the period of the course, with a family, or in a flat, bed and breakfast or hotel, according to availability.
  • Certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

2) The grants are exclusively for the cost of the course, while the expenses for travel, food and accommodation must be covered by the grant recipient.
3) The grants cannot be applied for directly to the school, but only to the Institutions listed in the table below. The criteria for awarding the grants to students who apply for them are established by the Institutions which have them available.
4)The grants are available only for the PISA school.
5) To avoid the overcrowding of classes, a period of validity has been established for each grant.

In addition to the grants indicated in the table 5 other courses with a discount of 50% will be assigned to university students or secondary school pupils who apply directly to the school before the end of April.

The applications, which must include a letter of introduction from the respective teacher of Italian, must include:
1. Personal data;
2. Full postal address and e-mail address;
3. Indication of period (or periods) in which the student wishes to attend the course.
The courses will be assigned according to the availability of places requested by students. For this reason we invite applicants to indicate more than one period.

Other possibilities of grants and benefits:


Each year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards grants for attendance of language courses in Italy. Those interested can request information from the Italian Institutes of Culture or from the Italian Diplomatic or Consular Representatives in their own countries of residence. Holders of grants from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( are entitled to a discount of 20% on the cost of courses at our school.

Swedish citizens can apply for economic contributions to CSN ( for attendance of courses organized at our school. Enrolments must be for courses lasting at least 13 weeks.