ILM Recommends: Language learning apps

Carry Italian lessons in your pocket

The key to learning a language quickly  is to study in the country where the language is spoken. However, when you cannot come to Italy or are preparing to come, an app can help you.

These are the three that have used faithfully as I’ve moved from a beginner to an advanced student.

Duolingo1. Duolingo

This is a free app very effective to learn a language at a low level. If you want to start with a new foreigner language and improve a basical conversation, this is the right app to you.

Word Reference2. WordReference
This is my personal favourite language learning resource. I don’t think I could complete my degree in modern languages without it. Not only is it a highly comprehensive dictionary that includes expressions and idioms, it has verb conjugating feature, and also a community forum, where native speakers answer questions you might have.

Rai Radio App2. Rai
This is one for intermediate to advanced learners. Here you can get access to the many radio programmes that this channel broadcasts. News, sport, culture are all covered. There are also short videos and podcasts. You can even set an alarm on this app to wake up to the sound of Italian conversation!