Learn Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy

Have fun learning Italian in Italy

In our school you can choose from more than 15 types of courses to study the Italian language.
Each of our Italian courses in Italy is tailored to your needs and goals.

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How to learn Italian in Italy

You can choose between several types of courses according to your needs and goals

Courses can be in group, one to one or mixed, that is, group lessons with in additions private ones. Lessons can be followed exclusively online or you can follow group lessons in person and also online.

AP Program in Pisa e Viareggo

The best way to learn Italian in Italy

The length of the course is at your choice according to your goals, needs and possibilities.

The topics of Italian language courses respect the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our Italian learning program follows the syllabus of University for Foreigners of Siena.

You can attend our Italian language and culture courses all year round in Pisa. In Viareggio, a Tuscany seaside resort, Italian courses are run during the summer months.

In Viareggio, a Tuscany seaside resort, Italian courses are runned during the summer months.

According to your aims and needs, you can choose a wide variety of Italian courses and Italian Culture courses, as well as Special course of cultural enrichment. Out Italian courses vary in the number of lessons per week and whether they are in groups, individual lessons or a combination of the two (group lessons and individual lessons).

Italian Courses for every need

You can attend a course for several reasons or for several goals. All of our courses can be tailored to fit you at a certain time of your life. Following are some tips to help you choose the best course for you.


Your aim in learning Italian could be spending time in Italy, have interesting holidays or have the experience to live among Italians. Recommended courses: General and Holiday courses, Long Term course, Mini – Intensive


Build your future in Italy! Knowing the Italian language is essential if you want to work in the Bel Paese. Feeling in control of every situation can guarantee you the opportunity to work and live like a true Italian. Recommended courses: Long Term course, Mini – Intensive and Super-Intensive courses, One to one lessons


Do you wish to study at an Italian university? Your career begins with our preparation course for the Italian university admission test. Recommended course: Long-term course, Preparatory course.

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Improve your Italian by discovering new friends and wonderful places

Request more information and professional guidance for choosing the best level of Italian.

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