Our Mission

Make a dream come true

Carmen, 25, Spanish. At the end of the course she goes to greet the Director and says: “With you I have known happiness!”.

This is the primary objective of the Mediterranean Linguistic Institute (ILM): to offer an unforgettable experience and fully satisfy the needs and requirements of its students.

Working for students

We know these needs well, thanks to the long experience that this School has in teaching the Italian language to foreigners. The whole ILM Team is called to make sure that students feel “understood, followed and pampered in a foreign environment”.

ILM seeks the consolidation of its competition on the market with the continuous improvement of educational services and services that help students during an Italian language course. The quality of the services offered is the most important factor to achieve the goal.


QUALITY has a very broad meaning for ILM:

Excellence is needed throughout all ILM processes for ever more constructive and satisfying relationships.

The ILM TEAM is always involved on professional qualification, accountability and plan.
All ILM staff must feel integrated part of the organization in order to:
• be directly responsible for the quality and results of their work
• contribute to the continuous improvement of corporate efficiency
• identify and eliminate any cause of error or waste of resources in processes and in
business procedure
• operate in compliance with the laws in force
• guarantee the absence of discrimination of any kind, whether based on race, religion, political orientation, sexual orientation … ..


The ILM School has agreed in its commitment to define strategies and verify the consistency of the results achieved within the Quality System. It is our specific will to implement continuous improvement strategies for the services offered, inspired by the following principles:
certify the needs and expectations of their students to increase their satisfaction
continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

Rossana Filippeschi