Course in History of Art in Italy “SAP”

The course in History of Art consists in theoretical lessons and projection of slides on the history of medieval and renaissance art, with special emphasis on painting, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and on the works of art of central Italy, more accessible to our students in the Pisa area.

The main theme is the development of a specifically Italian artistic tradition.

The subjects treated are:

  • the 11th and 12th centuries: the Romanesque period;
  • the 13th century; Italian originality in early Gothic;
  • the 14th century: the Italian expression of Gothic and the Grotesque revolution;
  • the 15th century: from international Gothic to the invention of the Renaissance; the pioneers of the Renaissance in the Florence of the early 15th century; the spread of Renaissance civilization in Italy; the major figures of the second half of the century;
  • the 16th century: late Renaissance, Mannerism, Counter-Reformation art; the protagonists of the late Renaissance in central Italy; Classicism, anti-Classical Experimentalism; Bella maniera and Counter-Reformation art.

The course in History of Art is not suitable for beginners and must be attended in combination with a language course.
This course is directed at people who are interested in Art History and want basic knowledge on monuments and works of Art inTuscany. It is theoretical and entails the use of slides.

The course is held in Pisa and Viareggio and consists in 4 group lessons a week.

history of art in Italy