Studying in Italy

Preparation courses 

for the admission test at the University 

in Italy

Is your dream to study in Italy? Do you want to  attend an excellent university in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Do you want to have a degree with which you can also work in Europe? 


Your journey to Italy begins here! …. But first you have to pass an admission test…. 


What are the types of university admission tests in Italy?

 University entrance tests can be of different types, and the choice depends on the type of Degree Course and sometimes the University itself.

In general there  are three types of undergraduate entrance tests:

1) Tests for admission to nationally restricted courses: Faculty of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry. A separate discussion is the test for IMAT, which is part of this type of test for Medicine but is in English and on different dates

2) Tests for admission to local closed courses: Faculty of  Engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Exercise Science, Design, Economics and Law, Communication.

3) Knowledge assessment test:  generally all Humanities Faculties

 The advantages of studying in Italy

Although the Italian university system is complex, the level of teaching is very high and the Italian degree can be recognized at the European level.
As you probably already know, attending university in Italy is very inexpensive: tuition fees range from about 700 to 3,500 euros per year, and scholarships are available if you have a low-to-moderate family income. Housing is also generally inexpensive compared to many countries where it is possible to attend university.

One should not overlook the possibility of living in a beautiful country, where one can enjoy time off from study in an outstanding natural and artistic environment.

Why study the Italian language

We know that you already speak English well and you feel that taking an entrance test in English is easier. In fact, the University in Italy offers you for many faculties the possibility of doing a degree program in Italian or in English. However, you will face some major obstacles:

  • The curriculum in English is also as complex as that in Italian;
  • The number of  competitors is very high and there is great competition;
  • Many universities ask  for a B1 Italian language proficiency level even if you want to attend university in English;
  • When you finally graduate and  want to specialize in medicine, for example, you will need to demonstrate a C1 level of Italian language proficiency to enter graduate school. Therefore, if you are not a native Italian speaker, your chances of entering graduate school are reduced.

The schedule of university entrance tests  is normally published in the early months of each year.  To date, it has been  possible to take the test for admission to Medicine and other faculties in both Italian and English

Your path to university in Italy

For many years ILM has offered college test preparation courses in all the various versions. Our goal is to give you a preparation as close as possible to that of Italian High School students. This is because the test questions are prepared on the basis of the syllabus being taught by students in Italian High School.

 Whatever faculty you want to major in,  ILM will help you from the very first step.

STEP 1: Thoroughly inform yourself about the Italian university system, bureaucratic aspects, and university entrance procedures;

STEP 2: Apply for a student visa for the ILM course;

STEP 3: Attend the intensive Italian language course;

STEP 4: Attend the Faculty-specific subject preparation course and exercises;

STEP 5: Take the exam and register for the ranking;

STEP 6: Apply for the registration visa;

STEP 7: Enroll in your chosen university and begin your studies.

The Content of our Courses

Our University Admission Test Preparation course consists of Italian language classes and specific test preparation classes. The specific subjects depend on the faculty at which you want to take the entrance test  and the syllabus is defined each year by the Ministry of University and Research
Slides prepared by our lecturers along with official admission tests from previous years are used during the lectures. The preparation course follows the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of University and Research, a program that Italian students study in High School.

The same goes for the English language preparation course, which we offer only for the IMAT test

Our teachers

All of our teachers have degrees in the specific teaching subjects as required by the Ministry  to become High School teachers in Italy.

Because we

Our course prepares foreign students on the same subjects studied by Italian students, allowing them a good chance of success in taking the same exam for university entrance. It is therefore necessary for foreign students to reach a high level of Italian language proficiency, toward which ILM will expertly guide them.

Thanks to our experience and method, as well as the individual commitment of each student, 95 percent of our students successfully pass the university entrance exam.Your

Courses for entrance tests
to Italian universities
Testing in 2025

Course P/1

September 02, 2024 - May 31, 2025

Course for the entrance test for Faculties of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Biology, Biotechnology
Engineering and Architecture
  • 320 hours of Italian language
  • 70 hours in self-study
  • 240 hours of Test Specific Subjects
  • 50 hours in self-study
  • Assistance with bureaucratic procedures
  • Orientation for University
  • 40 hours of test simulation
  • 10 hours of individual tuition
  • Seminars on how to take an oral exam in college
  • entry level required: A0**

Course UP/2

September 02, 2024 - May 31, 2025

Course for entrance test for Faculties of Economics, Law, Communication, Psychology, Exercise Science, Design
  • 580 hours of Italian language
  • 110 hours in self-study
  • Assistance with bureaucratic procedures
  • Orientation for University
  • 20 hours of test simulation
  • 40 hours of individual tuition
  • Seminars on how to take an oral exam in college
  • entry level required: A0**

Course P/5

February 05 - July 19, 2024
  • 10 hours of individual tuition
    120 hours Scientific subjects and simulations Test

    required entry level of Italian B1
    English entry level B2


Schedule: The start date may change according to the TOLC testing calendar. Testing hours will be scheduled when universities make the TOLC testing calendar public.

Participants per group/class: Minimum 5 students, maximum 15

Course materials: It is included in the course price and consists of.

  1. The slides were edited by our experienced teachers based on the TOLC test syllabus.
  2. TOLC manual with exercises
  3. Teaching materials tailored to students' needs

Registration and payment:
If a student visa is not required, a deposit of 30 percent of the course fee and 30 percent of the accommodation fee for the period booked at the time of enrollment is due.
If a student visa is required, 100% course fee and housing cost for the first 4 weeks.
Registration and conditions of participation

**Students must demonstrate their entry level by providing certification (CILS, CELI, PLIDA, CertIT) or through a Skype interview with us. Students must take an Italian language course at the same time or before the specific subject course, depending on their starting level.