Preparatory course for admission to University in Italy

This course is designed for students who wish to take the competitive admission exam for the Scientific Faculties  at a University in Italy. This is especially suited to those seeking admission into Schools of Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Science, Nursing and all other undergraduate degree courses housed in the Faculty of Medicine.

The Preparatory Course for  admission exam to Italian University comprises Italian language lessons and lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Logic. For these lessons the material is based on  Alpha Test Kit with past papers from previous years.

Our Preparation Course follows the program set out by the Italian Ministry for Universities and Research, that which students from Italy complete at the end of high school.
Our course prepares foreign students on the same material Italian students cover, allowing them a good chance of success in undertaking the same examination for entry into university. It is therefore necessary that foreign students reach a high level of knowledge of the Italian language, which ILM will expertly guide them to.

Thanks to our experience and our method, in addition to the commitment of each student individually, 95% of our students successfully pass the University entrance exam.

Preparatory course for admission to University in Italy

Faculties of: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Orthodontics, Animal breeding, Pharmacy, Biology, Natural Sciences, Nursing and for all of the bachelor degrees in the faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Engineering and Architecture.
Italian Lessons (hours)
Exam Topic Lessons (hours)


13 January – 24 July 2020*
300 Italian lessons
(entry level required: A0**)
240 lessons in Science subjects  20 hours mock *** 10 private tuitions
3 February – 24 July 2020*
240 Italian lessons
(entry level required: A1**)
240 lessons in Science subjects  20 hours mock *** 10 private tuitions
2 March –    24 July 2020*
160 Italian lessons
(entry level required: A2**)
240 lessons in Science subjects  20 hours mock *** 10 private tuitions
30 March –  24 July 2020*
16 80 Italian lessons
(entry level required: B1**)
240 lessons in Science subjects  20 hours mock *** 10 private tuitions

During the Preparatory course period, no EU students have to go to their country USUALLY 2 times, one to enroll for University and one to apply for Enrollment University Visa.

In order to allow students to enroll for University our School stop lessons from April the 27th till Friday the 1st.

Alpha Test mock hours will be scheduled once the Italian Ministery of University and Scientific Reseach makes public the calender to Enrollment University Visa.

*Starting date can change according the test admission calendar.

**Students have to prove their entry level providing a certification (CILS, CELI, PLIDA, CertIT) or through a Skype interview with us. Students are supposed to attend an italian language course at the same time or before the specific subjects course depending on their starting level.

*** Alpha Test mock will be held in August. Calendar will be fixed later.

****Plus enrolment fee €70,00

Participants per group/classroom:
Minimum 5 students, maximum 15

Teaching materials:
It is included in the price of the course and consists in

  1. Manual edited by our expert Teachers based on the Alpha Test program
  2. Alpha Test annotated exercises
  3. 11.000 Alpha Test quizes
  4. Software to download

Registration and Payment
If you do not need to apply for a student visa there is a 30% down payment on the cost of the course and 30% on the cost of accommodation for the period booked at registration.
If a studet visa is necessary a 100% course cost  and 30% on accommodation cost  for the period booked at registration.
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