Study in Italy

Preparation courses for University in Italy 

(TOLC Test) 

Is your dream to study in Italy? Do you want  to attend an excellent university in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Do you want to have a degree with which you can also work in Europe?


Your journey starts here!


…. But first you will have to pass an admission test… .

The advantages of studying in Italy

Even if the Italian university system is complex, the level of teaching is very high and the Italian degree can be recognized at European level.
As you probably already know, attending university in Italy is very cheap: tuition fees range from around €700 to €3,000 a year and it’s possible to get scholarships if your family income is medium-low. Even housing is generally cheap compared to many countries where it would be possible to attend university.
One should not overlook the possibility of living in a beautiful country, where it is possible to enjoy free time from studying in an exceptional natural and artistic environment.

Why study in Italian

We know that you already speak English well and it seems to you that taking an entry test in English is easier. However, you will be faced with two major obstacles:

Even the program in English is as complex as the one in Italian;

The number of your competitors is very high, because the Italians also compete.

When you finally graduate and want to specialize, for example, in Medicine, you will need to demonstrate that you have a C1 level of knowledge of the Italian language. Therefore, if you are not a native Italian speaker, you will not have many chances to access the Specialization School.

The Path to University

For many years, ILM has been offering preparation courses for university entrance exams, which in recent years have been held in all universities for the majority of degree courses with limited access via the TOLC exam. Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing Sciences, Physiotherapy and Health Professions, Architecture, Computer Science and Engineering: if you want to graduate from one of these faculties, ILM will help you from the very first step.

STEP 1: Take accurate information  about the Italian university system, the bureaucratic aspects, the entry procedures;

STEP 2: Apply for a study visa for the ILM course;

STEP 3: Attend the intensive Italian language course

STEP 4: Attend the preparation course for scientific subjects and TOLC exercises;

STEP 5: Take the exam and enroll in the rankings;

STEP 6: Apply for a Registration Visa;

STEP 7: Enroll in the chosen university and start studying.


Course Contents

Our preparation course for the University entrance test consists of Italian language lessons and entrance test preparation with lessons of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Logical Reasoning, Technical Drawing and Art History. The subjects depends on the students’ desired Faculty and the exam should be taken in the proportions defined by the Italian Ministry of University and Research
During the lessons, slides prepared by our teachers are used together with official admission tests from previous years. The preparation course respects the indications of the Italian Ministry of University and Research, a program that Italian students study at High School.

Our teachers

All of our teachers hold a degree in scientific subjects as requested by the Ministry of University and Scientific Research to become a teacher in Italy.

Why us

Our course prepares foreign students on the same material Italian students cover, allowing them a good chance of success in undertaking the same examination for entry into University. It is therefore necessary that foreign students reach a high level of knowledge of the Italian language, which ILM will expertly guide them to.

Thanks to our experience and our method, in addition to the commitment of each student individually, 95% of our students successfully pass the University entrance exam.


Preparation Course for TOLC exams in 2024

Calendar and Fees

Course P/1

28 August 2023 - 12 April 2024
  • 320 Italian Lessons
    entry level required: A0**
  • Exam Topics Lessons (hours)
    260 Scientific Exam Topics
    20 hours of TOLC practice
    15 Private lessons

Course P/2

2 January 2023 - 12 April 2024
  • There are no Italian lessons
    entry level required: B1**
  • Exam Topic Lessons (hours)
    220 Scientific Exam Topics
    20 hours of TOLC practice
    15 Private lessons

Course P/M

6 May - 30 August 2024
  • Italian language level maintenance course
    64 hours of general Italian language course
    required entry level: B2
  • Lessons are held online twice a week and are aimed at students who will start University in the Fall but prefer to stay in their country of origin until then


Calendar: Starting date can change according the TOLC test calendar. Trials hours will be scheduled once Universities make public the TOLC test calendar.

Participants per group/classroom: Minimum 5 students, maximum 20

Learning materials: It is included in the price of the course and consists in

  1. Slides edited by our expert Teachers based on the TOLC Test program
  2. TOLC Manual with exercises
  3. Learning materiale tailored on students needs


Registration and Payment:
If you do not need to apply for a student visa there is a 30% down payment on the cost of the course and 30% on the cost of accommodation for the period booked at registration.
If a student visa is necessary a 100% course cost  and  the accommodation cost  for the first 4 weeks.
Enrollment and Conditions of Participation


 *Plus enrolment fee €70,00

**Students have to prove their entry level providing a certification (CILS, CELI, PLIDA, CertIT) or through a Skype interview with us. Students are supposed to attend an italian language course at the same time or before the specific subjects course depending on their starting level