Preparatory Course for DITALS EXAMINATION

The Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo, born in 1981, has operated since 1998 with the Consent of the Ministry of Education for courses in Italian and Culture language  and for the training of foreign teachers of Italian as L2.

Our school is accredited by the Tuscany Region Training Agency and you can participate in training courses with vouchers or with the assistance of the provincial employment centers.

Since 1992 the school has worked with leading German and Italian institutions in the training of teachers, organizing 23 training courses and in-service for German teachers.

These courses have been funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Union funds and Socrates Comenius on behalf of Regierungspräsident Münster, Consulate of Italy in Cologne, Monaco Munich, Dortmund and Nuremberg, the CO.AS. SC.IT (Italian Scholastic Assistance Committee) of Stuttgart, the Akademie für Lehererfortbildung to Dillingen Donau, the BIL – Berliner Institut für Lehrerfort- und und -weiterbildung Schulentwicklung Berlin.

Since 2007 the Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo has been monitored by the Center DITALS University for Foreigners of Siena for training language teaching.

Recent changes in the criteria for admission to the University for Foreigners of Siena Ditals led to a change in particular for the organization of training courses. Our agency has therefore modified its training in order to create training and support activities that can allow access to examination and help exam candidates in various stages of preparation.

In addition to the training language teaching and the organization of training courses or hours of educational activities, we also offer a tutoring service learning (by appointment) and a small library.

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