Italian Courses for School Groups

Do you teach Italian as foreign language?
You can organize for your students Italian language group courses in Italy (Tuscany), in order to improve the language knowledge in an easy and fast way.

Some years ago our school started organising Italian Language Group Courses in Pisa or in Viareggio for students’ of secondary school (“Licei” Italian secondary school and Technical Institutes) on request of schools, teachers and agencies.

    Usually these Italian Language group courses are structured in one week (settimana linguistica) and they offer:

– Classroom lessons
– Free time Activities (trips and guided tours to the main art cities in Tuscany).

    The Italian Language Group courses program is flexible and it is planned according to teachers and organizers indications and requirements.
    For instance: the courses usually provide 20 hours lesson per week, but we have organized courses with 16 or 25 hours lesson per week, according to the special needs of some groups.
    The groups arrival is usually scheduled on Sunday evening (the day before the beginning of the course) and the departure is scheduled on Saturday (the day after the end of the course).
    According to the situation it is also possible to schedule the departure day on Friday afternoon/evening.
    Students can be accommodated in families or in two or three stars hotels, according to teachers or organizers request.
    Recently our school has organized Courses for school groups on request of Schools such as:
    – FOS, Fachoberschule für Soziales “Marie Curie” of Merano (Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Alto Adige / Süd Tirol. Italy)
    – LeWiT. of Merano (Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Alto Adige / Süd Tirol. – Italy)
    – HBLA f. wirt. Berufe of Innsbruck, Technikerstr. 7a (Austria)
    – HBLA of Innsbruck, Weinhartstr. 4 (Austria)
    – secondary school Italian “Liceo” “Montessori” of Amsterdam (Holland)

Each one of the schools and agencies above indicated has repeated the experience more times in different years.

    In order to allow us to formulate a proposal / estimate as “personalized” as possible, teachers /organizers interested in planning a study holiday in our school can contact us specifying:
    1) The period they are planning to attend the course (dates may be indicative);
    2) The length of the course (number of weeks);
    3) The destination (Pisa or Viareggio) where they want to attend the course;
    4) Number and age of students;
    5) Number of lessons per week;
    6) Favourite accommodation (family or hotel);
    7) Number of teachers in charge of the group;
    8) If teachers accommodation and food costs have to be spread over the students fee;
    9) Any other relevant information regarding the group (for example: level of knowledge of the Italian Language or any special request regarding free time activities).
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