Street art in Pisa

Exploring Street Art in Pisa

Street art, colourful paintings in public spaces, has gained increasing importance and interest over the last 20 years; it is not surprising that you can’t only find historic paintings and objects but also quite a lot of modern art in Pisa, which you can best experience during a walk through the city.

Without any doubt, the most famous piece of street art in Pisa is Keith Haring’s Tuttomondo, which he realized in just four days on the wall of the Sant’Antonio church. The 180 square meter painting consists of 30 colourful, interconnected people and is considered a synonym for happiness, love and harmony.

Apart from this well-known work of contemporary art, which attracts many tourists, there are a variety of other paintings that are absolutely worth seeing, such as the art works of Blub, who also contributed to the phenomenon of street art in Pisa. Scattered throughout the city are various of his masterpieces that are part of the “L’arte sa nuotare” (art can swim) project: paintings of prominent personalities with diving masks, with which the artist wants to state that it is essential to swim when the water literally rises up to your neck.

If you walk along the Lungarno near Palazzo Blu, you can find the art works of Exit Enter in the small streets. The simple, stylized paintings are very popular contributions to street art in Pisa, sending out a message of love and freedom.

As part of the Welcome to Pisa Festival, various internationally renowned street artists have immortalized themselves in public space, such as Ozmo, who created a large mural in Via Conte Fazio, a tribute to Galileo Galilei.

These are just a few of the many colourful and varied street art paintings in Pisa. It is definitely worth taking a leisurely walk through the city to explore these new works of art that make Pisa a place of art historical interest, in the past, the present and the future.