An ideal town for entertainment
Viareggio is considered one of the most prestigious and attractive sea-side resorts in Italy. Typical of this small, quiet town is the Liberty achitecture, which can be admired above all along the promenade, one of the most beautiful in Tuscany.

Its long, white beach extends uninterruptedly for miles and the Apuan Alps are close at hand, mountains famous for their marble and beautiful scenery. As well as offering one of the most beautiful beaches in Versilia, Viareggio also offers a host of different kinds of entertainment. The numerous discotheques, with their intense and original nightlife, the welcoming bars along the avenues by the sea, are the favourite haunts of our students, who can meet and get to know many young Italians and spend their free time with them in an atmosphere of pleasant friendship. Also, during the summer, for lovers of Opera, the famous Puccini Festival takes place. This is an open-air festival by the picturesque Lake of Massaciuccoli with the most important names of Italian and international Opera.


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Trips guided by our teachers and the rich programme of musical and cultural events taking place in Versilia during the summer offer a wide range of opportunities to spend free time in contact with Italian culture. Tennis, windsurfing, beach volley and golf can be practised.

In Viareggio we have a range of courses for all your needs; designed specifically to improve your Italian in full relaxation of your holiday we thought the Holiday Course.
Our school has an agreement with the beach Bagno Bertuccelli. So after class you can enjoy the dolce far niente” near the sea 😉

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  • Viareggio-Pisa: 1 train every 2 hours. The distance takes about 15 minutes.
  • Pisa-Florence: 3 trains every hour during the day. The distance is covered in about 1 hour.
  • Pisa- Venice: 1 train every hour. The distance is covered in about 4 hour and half.
  • Pisa-Milan: 1 train every hour. The distance is covered in less than 4 hours.
  • Pisa-Rome: 2 train every hour. The distance is covered in about 3 hours.

In Pisa there is the most import international airport in Tuscany.

Viareggio office

Address: Via Giacomo Puccini, 366, 55049 Viareggio LU
Phone number: +39 335 803 1878
Opening hours:

  • Monday – 8:30 – 13:45
  • Tuesday – 8:30 – 13:45
  • Wednesday – 8:30 – 13:45
  • Thursday – 8:30 – 13:45
  • Friday – 8:30 – 13:45

An experience of learning Italian in Viareggio

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