Walk along the Arno

Walk along the Arno to the sea

There are many beautiful spots in Pisa and some of them are directly at the river that runs through the city, the Arno. Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to walk along the Arno to the sea? Definitely yes!

You can walk the entire route or take a vespa or bicycle, however you prefer.

The itinerary starts in Pisa at the lovely and romantic church of San Michele degli Scalzi, where one of the city’s three leaning bell towers is located. From there, our walk along the Arno to the sea takes us to the famous Bar Salvini, a popular meeting place for students.

The banks of the river Arno in this area, the so-called Lungarni, form a picturesque backdrop with their historical buildings and facades that have been worked out in detail and point directly to the water. We continue to the Ponte di Mezzo, which connects the two parts of the city; every year in June a historical event really worth seeing, the so-called Gioco del Ponte, takes place at this bridge.

We pass the Palazzo Blu with its impressive art collection and some churches of art historical importance, also pass the Naval Museum where ships from Roman times can be seen and finally leave Pisa on Viale D’Annunzio, an avenue that leads to the mouth of the Arno. The river has crossed all of Tuscany, flown through various cities such as Pisa, and now it finally reaches the sea.

If you want to, you can take a look at the port in Marina di Pisa, that can accommodate more than 300 boats, and continue along the coast until you reach the sand dunes of Tirrenia or even until Calambrone, a popular place for bird watching.

Or you can end the day after this interesting walk along the Arno to the sea with some relaxing hours at the beach and a fresh bath in the sea before returning again to Pisa.