When is the best travel time for Pisa?

Pisa is a popular travel destination, not only because of the famous Leaning Tower. The city and its surroundings can also score with their hilly landscapes, numerous hiking trails and of course with the countless historical buildings. Do not to forget the hospitality, which you can experience best during a language holiday in Pisa, living with a host family.

But when is the best travel time for Pisa? Of course, that depends most of all on how flexible you are in planning your vacation and what your preferences are

italian language school at seaside

If you want to spend your free time on the beach and experience a fabulous holiday at the sea, you will definitely travel during the summer months, the hottest time of the year, namely July and August.

Is midsummer really the best travel time for Pisa? Well, it’s certainly a good choice, as temperatures often climb above 30 degrees during these months. Even at night it remains warm, making it a pleasure to enjoy dinner or a drink outside, in one of the restaurants or bars in the old town.

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For those who want to avoid tourist crowds, spring and autumn are the best travel time for Pisa; it is not as hot as in summer, but you can enjoy nearly all activities without freezing, including outdoor sports.

In short: Pisa can be visited at any time of the year and offers many different possibilities for a holiday. The best travel time depends mainly on what you want to do during your stay. If you want to enjoy a beach holiday, you need to travel in summer, if you are looking for a language holiday in Pisa, you can travel all year round.