Where to take a selfie in Pisa

Did you know that the leaning tower of Pisa is one of the most popular places for a selfie in Pisa? But not only in Pisa, in whole Italy! Two important and international travel portals (Enjoy Travel and Big 7 Travel) were looking for the best places in Italy to take a photo of yourself and not surprisingly the landmark of our city, the probably most wellknown leaning monument of the world made it into the Top5 of the ranking. Four sights in Tuscany ranked in the Top15 and reached more than 28 million hashtags in Instagram and TikTok – quite an impressive number, isn’t it?

Leaning Tower

For sure there are several lovely and impressive places in this charming town at the river Arno, but without any doubt, the Leaning Tower is simply THE place for a selfie in Pisa.

If you prefer not to take a selfie at the tower, you really have to take one of these funny pictures where you seem to brace yourself against the tower to keep it from falling or to take the pic from the other side, so it seems as if you were pushing the tower to the ground. This free standing bell tower (in Italian called „campanile“) is for sure the best known building in Pisa, a great piece of architecture and it took nearly 200 years until it was finished, but what made the tower so famous, is probably this not even 4 degree lean, the result of an unstable foundation, making it such a lovely sight for a selfie in Pisa during your photo walk through the city.