Studiere in Italien! Unsere Studenten sind am Erfolgreichsten in den italienischen Top Ten Universitäten

Study in Italy!

Best students for best Universities

The Best!

Our students have been the most successful in top ten Italian Universities!

A letter to ILM University students

Our students have been the most successful in top ten Italian Universities

Dearest ILM Students!!

As you know, you students from the University Preparation Course have been the most successful in  top ten among the rest of the Universities.

You started in January with a zero level of Italian language . Now that you studied hard, you were committed, you fought well, at times you were angry but we were there for you, sharing all hopes and here we are again!

Roy is in the first place within the ranking of Medicine in Florence, Avi is the first in Veterinary in Pisa. Roni, Tom and Roee are among the top nine in Florence, Shira is the fifth in Bologna (and Roni, tenth ), Talia in Bologna, Ofek in Padova, Daria in Venice, and you many others…. Congrats!

Was that easy? No!! Not at all! We made it, word by word, test by test!

I had to motivate you and scold you sometimes. All different; different personalities and many obstacles to overcome but all with the great project of studying at the University in Italy.

As soon as you arrived to Italy, I told you that it would be difficult but that you would have to trust us, because life is made of choices….And those who chose our School in Pisa, made a commitment with their families, with themselves and with us.

How many times have I said „no one is left behind“?

An ambitious project of mine but achievable.

Of course; the School cannot do the Students job. To pass the exam, it is necessary to attend our lessons carefully, take our tests and study at home. We facilitate learning, we create roads (even bureaucratic) to face the entrance bar exam, but choosing to study is the students’ own choice.

Students who have followed the course regularly are placed the best in the individual rankings; those who wanted or could follow less still got their places.

So thanks again !

Thank you for your trust, for your commitment and for the courage with which you have faced every difficulty. I wish you all the best for your studies and for your life.

And when you are in Pisa, please pass by our School and visit us!


Rossana Filippeschi

(Very Proud) Director


Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo