General Italian Course “GA”

Our General Italian course covers many bases, and is structured essentially in two parts:

The first part centres primarily around the study and analysis of Italian grammar, and the structural elements of the language.

After the teacher has guided the class through a topic, the students consolidate their learning through exercises, done both in class and at home.


The second part consists of activities that develop communication skills, encouraging students’ written and spoken expression.

Through games, role play, reading, discussions, listening exercises, songs, films, short compositions and dictations, our mother-tongue Italian teachers, all of whom are qualified in the teaching of Italian to foreigners, guide students towards a global understanding of the Italian language.


Elements of Italian culture and civilization are always topics of conversation during our Italian lessons. In line with the students’ level of Italian, the subjects discussed range from simple (for example the sequence of dishes of a typical Italian meal) to more complex (for example current affairs in Italy), which encourage some debate.

The General Italian course is held in Pisa and consists of 20 group lessons a week, 4 lessons a day, each lesson lasts 55 minutes, from 09.00 to 13.00